A Look Back: The Top Lighting Articles from 2021

Outdoor Lighting was driven this past year by new options in efficiency, new technology and smartphone-enabled controls. Whether you’re an expert in outdoor lighting products, or if you’re interested in how your company might get more involved, the team at Central will keep you up-to-date on the latest trends and help you profit from them. Now is the perfect time to plan how you want to incorporate outdoor lighting proposals and projects into your services for 2022.

New Irrigation and Lighting Products from the 2021 Season

The start of the season, it’s always a good idea to evaluate the products and resources in your tool kit. That’s why our focus is to educate you on the newest technology trends across the industry, so that your jobs are more profitable. This article looks at 14 of some of the most advanced and user-friendly products this season.

5 Steps to a Successful Smart Outdoor Lighting System

The modern homeowner demands a fast and personalized experience at the push of a button…smartphone button. So, it’s no surprise that more than ever homeowners are asking for their lighting and landscape to utilize smart products. This means contractors have to be educated, prepared and understand the products available to meet the customer needs. Technology in outdoor lighting has changed more in the last five years than the previous forty combined. If you are not currently using smart products then you are putting yourself at a disadvantage and missing your customers’ needs. What was once expensive and cumbersome now can be accomplished through simpler products and at many price points. Learn a few simple steps to ensure the homeowner is getting the best experience and you are fulfilling their complete wants and needs.

7 Tips for Marketing Outdoor Lighting Services

While this article focused on how to market lighting services in the fall, don’t miss the opportunity to read it again because the strategies and tips are successful year round! Let your current and potential customers know how beautiful, affordable, and beneficial it is to add landscape and outdoor lighting year round to their commercial and residential areas. How you market this to them is crucial in it’s success.

Ask the Expert: 4 Tips for Landscape Lighting Maintenance Agreements

This month, we asked Kevin Adams, Central’s Area Manager in Michigan, for his insight on leveraging landscape lighting agreements for additional and recurring sales for your business. As Kevin writes, “Landscape lighting is one of the fastest growing segments in the green industry, which means more projects are being completed than ever before and ultimately more product is being put in the ground. Now that your customer base is growing in this category you need to consider offering Landscape Lighting Maintenance Agreements. Landscape Lighting Maintenance Agreements are often overshadowed and overlooked, but don’t get caught up in the simplicity of modern LED lighting and assume maintenance agreements are unnecessary.”



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