HVN Natural Seed Starter

Hudson Valley Natural Seed Starter 15-15-5 W/40% SRN

 Natural Seed Starter is formulated with three sources of phosphorous and six sources of nitrogen to provide a metered nutrient release.

  • The simple organic compounds that naturally occur in the two sources of organic matter help to reduce surge growth for thicker cell walls and density. Turf is encouraged to spread-out and fill in bare spots, choking out weeds and significantly increasing germination. 
  • Delivers ample amounts of phosphorus for new seedlings and just the right amount of potassium to provide complete nutrition for established turf.
  • Delivers a controlled, predictive, gentle release to safely feed new seedlings without fear of burning.
  • Class-A exceptional quality biosolids & composted polutury manure deliver color and density to new seedlings and established turf, extend phosphorous availability and help to reduce surge growth & disease pressure.
  • Leading-edge, epoxy-coated, extended-release technology (XRT) delivers non-burning, slowly available nitrogen