PermaGreen Triumph Spreader/Sprayer

Patented features apply products accurately saving you thousands:
· Both the spray and spread systems can lock-in application rates
· Exclusive Spreader agitator delivers instant and constant flow
· Prevents Complaints and costly Service Calls

Exclusive features to increase Productivity and Profits on every property:
· Exceptional traction and stability traveling up, down or sideways
· Small Footprint – Extraordinary maneuverability through gates and around obstacles
· Large Coverage Area – Spread and Spray up to an acre in less than 15 minutes on a single fill
· Operate – Run all day on a gallon of gas
· Maintain – 600 hours between air filter replacement

Comfort & Control Systems:
· Low-vibration engine mounts, hand-grips, and foot pads
· Ergonomic handlebars, steering and controls at your fingertips
· Remote controlled Shift, Deflector, Pattern Balancer & Rate adjusters
· Fits through a 36“ gate
· Spray Pressure: 20 psi
· Spray Rate: 1 Quart / 1000 Ft2


**Triumph Ride-On Spreader Sprayer comes stock with a Vanguard Engine
Honda Engine Upgrade option available by Special Order**