Get The Advantage That Wins YOU The Job: Offer Consumer Financing

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Help your customers turn their lawns into an oasis of lush green grass. Flexible programs give your
customers greater spending power for small, mid-size and large projects. That translates to more
profits for your company!

Get paid faster and in full! With financing, you don’t collect from the homeowner, we do. We pay
in full either in stages, or upon job completion. Best of all you wont need to renegotiate the price
with the homeowner after the project has started.

Make Your bids stand out. Use credit promotions in your bid and quote minimum monthly
payments to eliminate price objections from your customers.

We make financing easy. Short, simple forms and fast in-home credit decisions, providing
financing through Synchrony Financial is easier than ever!

Toro/Irritol Credit Program

  • Credit Lines up to $25,000
  • Low Minimum Payments
  • Fast In-home credit promotions
  • Fast funding
  • Establish Ongoing Credit Line homeowner to contractor

Complete your paperwork today so you can start selling right away. Ask us for details.

New Program Specifics

  • New Marketing Programs: Designed to drive retail sales
  • Easier POS processing of sale transaction: No more faxing sales invoices
  • Special Launch Incentives for Customers: At no additional cost to dealer, customer can receive a rebate for up to a $250 Visa Prepaid Card: $25 for every $250 spent in a single transaction. (Limited Time Only)
  • There will be no promotional fees: charged to accounts for transactions under $5,000