3 Reasons Summer is the Best Time to Install Drainage Projects

Written by Eric Cummings, Drainage Category Director

I often get asked “when is the best time of the year to install drainage” and my answer is always the same; any day that ends in a Y is a great time to install. Proper drainage is essential for maintaining the health and longevity of any property, whether it’s a residential home or commercial building. Having proper drainage is a year-round benefit to the property and the hot and dry summer months creates the ideal set of circumstances to install the drainage portion of your project. Installation at a time of the year when not getting the instant gratification of seeing the system in action may seem fruitless, but the advantages of having a system in place when you are able to easily install creates a pro list that far outweighs the cons.

Below are some of the compelling reasons that you should be installing drainage during the driest and longest days of the year.

Ideal Weather Conditions

One of the primary reasons summer is the best time for drainage installation is the favorable weather. Summer typically brings drier and more predictable weather patterns. Over the course of the summer we can count on higher temps and longer days that will keep the ground firm and predictable to work on. The waterlogged lawns and planting beds of the spring are far behind us and capitalizing of a firm ground is paramount when installing pipes below ground.

Getting Ahead of Rainy Seasons While Adding Profit

By installing drainage systems in the summer, you can ensure your systems are fully functional and ready before fall brings wet weather back to your jobsite. We all procrastinate, we are human and will take any chance to push a project off “to when we can get to it”.  Turf care and lighting are more forgiving in terms of installation because disruption to the ground is minimal. Digging trenches and creating sub surface storage tears a jobsite apart. Avoiding mud and having a reliable window of good weather offers the ability to be accurate in estimating, and will boost your bottom line. Being prepared and scheduling your drainage projects in the summer can have a positive effect on your profits at a time of the year when work traditionally slows down.

Summer is Less Hectic

As a former contractor, I am fully aware of the insanity that takes place between February and the 4th of July. Deadlines, rain outs and homeowner urgency all drive the spring schedule. Mid-June arrives, the kids get out of school, vacations begin, and the phone stops ringing.  Having the time to complete the projects you put off in the spring becomes a luxury that needs to be capitalized on.  Those wet spots in the yard, eroded plant beds from downspouts and muddy driveways from runoff now stand undisturbed. July and August are the times to come up with solutions and execute those plans. Utilizing increased availability of manpower and equipment can make or break your year. Planning projects to be completed in the summer is something that should be on your mind all year long. Drainage should be top of mind when considering what services to complete in the summer and the time is now if you are looking for services to offer to get through the next two months.


Installing drainage systems in the summertime offers some great advantages over other times of the year. More predictable weather drives these advantages. Drier soils, less rain and warmer temps create conditions that should be capitalized on over the summer months. The weather is just one of the factors.  ess hectic workloads, availability of resources and the ability to better estimate the time a job will take also build the case for completing drainage projects in the Summer. If you have not yet booked drainage projects for the upcoming months. Take some type to scout and propose drainage solutions for the rest of the summer to help fill the schedule and drive profits for the rest of the year.

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