4 Key Areas to Focus Now that Customers are Spending More Time at Home

This year things have changed rapidly from our regular normal. People are spending more time at home and any planned vacations have likely been postponed. Airlines have seen sharp decreases in travel and this looks to be true moving into the summer months.

As people have been confined to their homes the last several weeks, they have a new appreciation for their outdoor spaces. People are spending more outdoors now that the weather is getting nicer and homeowners are looking to make improvements in their yards and outdoor spaces. They will want to make these spaces as safe and functional as possible—looking to create a private oasis.

Below are four key areas of focus for the upcoming season:

  1. Mosquito & Tick Control

Mosquito and tick populations have exploded throughout the US in the last decade. Tick-borne diseases have more than doubled in since 2004 and mosquito-borne diseases continue to be a global epidemic. More than one billion new people in coming years are expected to be impacted by mosquitoes and ticks.

More and more, homeowners are calling in professionals to make sure that their families are protected. They want to enjoy their outside living spaces without the worry of Lyme, West Nile, or any other of these harmful diseases.

Tick and Mosquito season has already started in some areas of the country and will be ramping up quickly in others. Start applying control products now, before ticks and mosquitos start to multiply. When offering repellent services, make sure to offer a multi-visit package to keep your customer’s property insect free all season long. Check out this list of three effective control products for tick and mosquitoes including traditional, lower impact, and 100% organic.

  1. Low-Impact, Family-Friendly Products

Our industry is ever evolving. More and more, our customers are driving purchase behavior—especially when it comes to all-natural, organic, and low-environmental impact options. Sustainability and organics are going to be in even stronger demand this season as consumers are wanting their outdoor spaces to be healthy and safe for their family and pets. The Roundup/glyphosate lawsuits from last year may still be fresh in their minds, so they will be looking to you to give recommendations on alternatives.

It’s important to know that the organic movement is no longer a trend, it’s a way of life. Homeowners, especially the younger ones, have come to expect organic, all natural, sustainable, or low-impact as an option. Seventy-eight percent of homeowners, are willing to and actively changing their lifestyle to protect the environment. Plus, they are willing to pay a premium for these organic and natural products and services.

Only 28% of landscape companies offer environmentally friendly services. This is a HUGE missed opportunity. To gain a competitive advantage it’s critical that you add these products to your business and that you offer them as an option on every job. This will set you apart from your competition, especially now. Whether it’s all-natural fertilizers, low-impact pesticides, or organic pest control—customers want an environmentally friendly, family-safe choice for their pets and kids.

  1. Technology. Technology. Technology.

Today’s homes are getting smarter and consumers are driving the demand for products that work with smart hubs such as Amazon Alexa. Smart home technology is no longer a new concept or cost prohibitive for homeowners. In fact, it is now becoming an expected feature, with the majority of Americans having at least one smart device in their home.

And in the current climate, people are looking for no touch and contactless ways to interact and control their home systems. Landscape and lighting technology have topped the smart home wish list and will only continue to do so going forward. It is all about control from mobile devices, and topping the must-have features is automation, scheduling, and energy efficiency.

On the contractor side, WiFi controllers, shutoff valves and other technology have made remote monitoring, system startups, and troubleshooting easier than ever. This allows you to streamline your operations, using less manhours and time. And better yet, technology helps you give a better solution to your customers with no or limited contact.

  1. Landscape Lighting

We were already on a trend with outdoor spaces being used more and more for things like entertaining or as an extension of indoor living spaces. But now, with more people spending time at home because of social distancing protocols, their yards and outdoor spaces will only become that much more important. Landscape lighting and audio will be on the top of their summer to do list.

This is an opportunity to grow your sales with lighting projects this season. A simple but thoughtful design can help set you apart from the competition and grow your sales. Take a look at these three tips to grow your sales this season with lighting design.


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