5 Ways to Show Your Customers Appreciation

Showing customer appreciation is definitely an impactful and great method to help keep your customers happy and loyal to your business, while also ensuring your company stands out from your competitors. Why is personally thanking your customers important? Think about a time you received a gift from a company you’ve purchased a product or service from, it definitely makes you feel valued as their customer. This is important as ensuring your customers feel genuinely valued will strengthen their relationship with your business, increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. This will also enhance your reputation as your customers will be more than likely to spread good word about your business.

It might become a challenge to personally thank every customer, for that reason it can be helpful to segment your customers into groups that you can prioritize. This can consist of groups such as repeat customers, high-value customers, or customers that write frequent reviews of your service. Once you’ve segmented your customers, you’re ready to plan ahead and prepare to personally thank them.

But how can you show your customers you’re genuinely thankful for their business? Take a look at the 5 tips below:

1. Handwritten Thank You Notes

Writing a thank you note may seem to be a thing of the past. However, with all the technology we’re surrounded by today, going beyond a message on social media or email is an effective way to show a personal connection as you’re taking the time to share thoughtful words. It shows your customer that you truly care and appreciate their business. Remember to use a unique card using your company’s branding, such as a letter that includes your logo.

Additionally, it serves as a leave-behind that will help keep your business on top of your customer’s mind.

2. Personalized Gifts

Sending a sweater, t-shirt, or even a mug with your business logo can be a great gift, but personalizing a gift can make it more meaningful for your customers. For example, if you noticed one of your customers recently got a new dog, you can send a toy for their dog or even a gift certificate to a pet store. Maybe you noticed your customers recently moved into their new home, you can send over a small house warming gift, or even a gift card to their favorite coffee shop. They will see you also care about them as a person, not just as a customer.

3. Referral Appreciation

A method that shows appreciation for your customer and can help your business, is by having valuing your customer’s referrals. For example, if one of your customers refers your business to a friend, you can offer your customer and their friend a gift card, a discount on their next service, or another token of appreciation. Your customer will feel appreciated, and on top of that will continue to refer your business. Remember to do so as soon as you’re aware of the referral.

4. Provide a Sample/Demonstration 

Have you noticed one of your customers could use fertilizer for their grass? That they do not treat their property for mosquito/tick control? Or their property is dark at night? This is an opportunity to show them the benefits of that fertilizer on a portion of their lawn so they can compare. Offer them a one-time application for mosquito control to show them how effective it can be. Or even set up a lighting demo kit for a short time. Receiving something at no cost is definitely something they will appreciate, but what’s even better is showing them the service/product in action and solving a problem they don’t know they have. They may soon realize that they’re in need of it and sign up for ongoing service or installation. This could be a way to show appreciation for existing customers while upgrading them to a new/additional service.

5. Surprise Your Customer

While sending a gift after a customer’s initial service or during the holidays can be a start for showing appreciation, sending one when they least expect it will definitely be a great surprise. Consider events such as their birthdays, major life event such as a weddings, or even anniversaries of the first time they used your service.

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