Let Central Help You Select the Right Irrigation Pump

Selecting the right irrigation pump for your project can feel like an overwhelming task. Choosing the right pump can affect your budget, timeline and the longevity and performance of your irrigation system. The experts at the Central Pump Hotline have the knowledge and resources to help you pick a pump for your application.

What information do you need?

It’s important to understand the application and system set up to select a pump that will provide the performance required. A few key pieces of information will make the pump selection process simple and straightforward.

Gallons per minute (GPM) – This can be easily determined by multiplying the number of sprinkler heads in your largest zone by the sprinkler manufacturer’s specified required GPM for maximum efficiency. If you have multiple types of sprinkler heads, choose the type with the highest GPM required.

Pressure required – This specification is also provided by the sprinkler manufacturer.

System set up information – A few aspects of your irrigation system design will impact pump selection.
Boost or lift – Will you be boosting existing pressure, such as a system that is using domestic water, or lifting the water, such as from a lake or river?
Elevation change – Does your pump need to push water up a hill?
Friction losses – As water flows through piping, the friction between the water and the piping creates losses in the amount of pressure at the sprinkler head. These losses need to be taken into consideration, so we’ll need to know the type of pipe, as well as the pipe size and total length of the longest run from the pump to the sprinkler.

Power supply – What type of power is available at your site and how will you power the pump? This can help us recommend both the pump and a corresponding pump start relay for your system.

Water quality – In addition to recommending filtration options, the water quality may also affect the pump that we recommend. Some pump styles are better equipped to handle dirty water than others.

With this information, the Central Pump Hotline team can help you select your next pump confidently.

Contact the Central Pump Hotline at 1-844-PUMP-101 or email pumps@centraltis.com