New Year, New Lighting Resources

We touched base with Glen Nyhuis, our National Lighting Director, to provide you with some of the best resources and certification opportunities to help light your customers properties for the year ahead of us. Let 2024 be your best year for lighting properties yet!

Below you will find a list of six training and certification resources:

1. Hunter University

Hunter industries has done an incredible job with the number of courses on lighting that are available online through Hunter University. They offer more than 100 courses and training can be customized from the Technician Program through the Expert Program.

Available to anyone with a computer, Hunter offers online learning with courses, videos/streaming content, tutorials and resources, testing, and user Q&. Hunter offers a variety of training opportunities that can be completed any time of day at your own pace, from installation and troubleshooting to water conservation, operations efficiency or selling tools. They also offer in person learning opportunities where you can have the opportunity to learn hands.

2. Kichler

Kichler offers a variety of online resources to help advance your skills in lighting design. From sales tools, to the fundamentals of lighting, to tips on light layering and moods, online Kichler Lighting resources help you on a path to lighting with purpose.

3. Unique University

Unique Lighting Systems has developed the most comprehensive, hands-on landscape lighting seminar in the industry. If your business requires you to design, install or maintain landscape lighting, or if you are looking to add lighting to your business – these seminars are meant for you! Learn from leading experts in the field on how to improve your lighting business. Topics covered: principles of design for landscape lighting, producing different levels of light through lamp placement and different types of lenses, eliminating harmful glare by using glare shields and hex louvers, how to demo a property to sell lighting, and limited lifetime warranty and consumer buyer protection plan which cover products and your installations.

4. The Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP)

AOLP was originally established in 2001. The Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals’ mission is to promote and advance the landscape and architectural lighting industry for lighting designers and installers, distributors and business-to-business manufacturers. They are a trade association whose membership consists of contractors, manufacturers, lighting designers, landscape architects and distributors from all over the U.S. and Canada. What clearly identifies a professional from others in his or her industry? First and foremost are education and certification. AOLP has two excellent certification programs – Certified Low Voltage Lighting Technician (CLVLT) and Certified Outdoor Lighting Designer Course (COLD).  AOLP believes it is best to be proactive in training its members in the practice of “good and responsible” landscape lighting design.

5. The International Landscape Lighting Institute

The International Landscape Lighting Institute (ILLI) informs, educates and promotes the art and technology of landscape lighting, allowing people to safely and securely navigate in the dark, while providing a beautiful nighttime environment.  They are an educational foundation offering courses for anyone who has a passion to learn how to professionally light landscapes at night. Their Intensive Course also qualifies you for 32 Continuing Education Credits. In addition to their in-person courses, they also offer online webinars and Youtube Videos for the landscape lighting professional.

6. Central Turf & Irrigation Supply

Central helps you train your team members to be even more productive with local classes, access to online education classes, counter training events, and onsite support/training from subject matter experts. Whether you need help with technical troubleshooting, customized training for your team, or product demos and hands-on training, you can rely on Central.  Connect with your local Central rep to learn more about the training opportunities that are available to you. We stay at the leading edge of the industry and we’re ready to help you grow!