Pump Winterization Tips

Winterization season is right around the corner… are you prepared?

Correctly winterizing your pump is essential – if a step is missed, your pump can sustain damage due to freezing, costing you valuable time and money. Whether this is your first time winterizing a pump, or your fifth, these easy steps will help walk you through the winterization process and will leave you feeling confident that your pump will be protected all Winter long!


Turn off the lawn controller and source water valve – break the suction vacuum.


If feasible, disconnect the water source and discharge piping.


On the pump case, open both top and bottom drain valves to remove water from the pump chambers.


If you’re blowing out your irrigation system with pressurized air, use a narrow box wrench to prevent the shaft from spinning. When the impeller spins too fast, the motor governor can be damaged.


Once the water is drained from pump case, close all drain valves.


Fill the pump case just past the eye of the impeller with Munro Freeze Defeat pump winterization fluid. This will keep cast iron pump cases from rusting and keep the impeller free for spring start-up.


For a more efficient and smooth pump winterization, use Munro Freeze Defeat pump winterization fluid – Munro Freeze Defeat prevents damage due to freezing, helps protect pumps from corrosion, and promotes longevity by keeping elastomers lubricated and reducing rust. Learn more at  www.munropump.com/freezedefeat

And to make winterization even easier, our partner, Munro, has a “Centrifugal Pump Maintenance: Winterization” video that will help walk you through the process step-by-step. Watch it below:


If you have questions about the winterization process, or need troubleshooting assistance, call the experts at the Central Pump Hotline at 1-844-PUMP-101.

The Central Pump Hotline is dedicated to assisting customers with set-up, sizing, and product recommendations. We will help you troubleshooting leaks, pressure issues wire connects, and more. We’ll help you solve issues with the motor, voltage, control panel, and valves.

We understand that not all issues with a system are straight forward. Rely on Central to help, whether it’s questions about troubleshooting or installation, showing you how to use specific equipment, or sharing insight and recommendations on the newest technologies. We stay at the leading edge of the industry and we’re ready to help you grow!