Wet Spring = Bumper Crop of Mosquitoes & Ticks

This spring’s wet and cool temperatures are predicted to result in an abundance of mosquitoes, ticks and other insect pests this summer. Anyone who is planning to enjoy their landscape, deck or patio better be prepared with more than just simple bug repellent.
Health officials are worried about the spread of Lyme disease and Zika and expect a significant fight this summer to keep both in check. State and local health organizations are helping to promote awareness and encouraging consumers to take action. Ticks thrive in back yards, particularly those adjacent to woodland areas or where there are extensive landscape plantings.
Taking a proactive stance against mosquitoes and ticks is a wise choice for property owners who enjoy spending time outdoors or those that have children or pets.
By offering insect control services, you can help your customer get the job done correctly and with safe, effective solutions. Central offers several different products that can be used for control of mosquitoes, ticks and other outdoor pests:

  • Central’s own Organic Insect Control can be applied with a backpack sprayer or outdoor fogger and provides control of pests in outdoor living spaces. The formula is safe for humans and pets and does not harm bees and other pollinators. A 32 oz. bottle treats 5,000 square feet. The product can be applied before outdoor events or parties, or as part of regular lawn care visits.
  • Central also offers the Nature Shield organic insect control system from Rid O’ Rust that can be applied through a sprinkler system. An injector is placed in the irrigation mainline and product can be added during the irrigation cycle.
    Jump on this opportunity to provide another helpful service to your customers. Ask your Central representative about getting started with outdoor insect control.