PVC-Lock Manifold Fittings

With the successful introduction of our PVC-Lock push-on fittings, Hydro-Rain saw a need with contractors to directly connect our fittings to valves. Thus, the 1″ PVC-Lock Manifold Tee was introduced – Incorporating all the highly engineered attributes of our PVC-Lock fittings. The 1″ PVC-Lock x 1″ Mipt x 1″ Spigot configuration allows direct connection to the valve and potential serial connections to other valves. Using PVC-Lock® fittings allows you to “lose the glue” and reduces traditional installation times by over 50%. With PVC-Lock®you’ll leave your project with clean hands and a clear conscience knowing that your installation crew and the environment are being protected from harmful chemicals.

  • Patent Pending “Push-and-Go” Design—100% tool and chemical free approach that cuts installation time in half.
  • All-Weather Use—Install in wet or dry conditions.
  • Instant-On Capability—Fully pressurize immediately after installation. No waiting for glue to dry.
  • PVC-Lock® Fittings are Chemical Free—Glueless, tool-free installation protects the environment and the long-term health of your crew.
  • Patent Pending Retaining System—Stainless steel teeth grip pipe tight for a strong, leak-proof connection.
  • Swivels on the Pipe—After installation, PVC-Lock® manifold fittings can swivel 360° around the pipe allowing easy valve maintenance and repair.
  • Universal—For use with all brands of Schedule 40 and 80, and Class PVC pipe.
  • Removable & Reusable—On-site sizing adjustments are easy using the PVC-Lock removal tool.
  • Mainline Rated—For use on either side of the irrigation valve.

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