3 Easy Steps To Capture Customer Reviews

Gathering customer reviews may seem like a tedious task with little reward. However, by implementing a consistent process to capture these reviews you can help your brand gain credibility online, give your current customers a voice, and discover how your business can improve. Below is the easiest (and cheapest) way to capture more reviews for your company and utilize them to the fullest extent.

The benefits of gathering more reviews are extensive. Google will rank you higher if you have more reviews and a better rating. This will in turn get your business in front of more potential customers. In addition customers will consider you more if you have more people vouching for you. Because, they can’t visit your office like a retail business, their entire perception is going to be formed by what they see online. If that includes many reviews raving about your services, your credibility in their minds is boosted. Lastly, they can bring things to your attention that you are unaware of. Was your crew unprofessional? Are you missing a service they wish you had? Did you meet their expectations of quality? By learning why some customers are unhappy, you can improve your process and grow as a business. Here is an easy step-by-step guide to collecting reviews.

1. Ensure Your Google Business Profile is Created

Your Google Business listing is often the first thing that appears when customers search for you online. This tool is both easy to utilize and completely free. By claiming your business and thoroughly building your profile you have not only taken an easy step to increase your online presence, but you now have a seamless way to capture reviews and have them appear online. Customers can view photos of your work, the services you offer and so much more information. Not sure if you have a listing? Start here (Google Business).

2. Make The Ask When Your Customer Is Happiest

Now that you have a place to gather reviews it is time to capture them. As a landscape contractor, your team members often have access to property owners immediately after they complete their job. Equip your crews with printed copies of a QR code, that directly links to your review page. This enables customers to scan and easily leave a review. Some companies even buy devices that allow customers to simply tap a special card with their phone, have their review page come up.

3. Follow Up

When sending any other follow-up communication (thanking customers for choosing you, an invoice, etc) this is an excellent opportunity to make the ask again. Emphasize that you value the feedback of your customers and are always seeking to improve. You can also include the direct link to leave a review on your website, and share it on social media.

Ignoring the importance of reviews is a mistake that is too costly to make. Ensure you maximize your credibility online and begin to capture customer reviews today.



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