4 Ways to Improve Your Quote Package

Is it time to refresh the marketing materials that you provide with your project quotes?

A good presentation package is an unbeatable way to demonstrate your expertise, put a human face on your company and supercharge your chance of winning the job.

Avoid being just another contractor who hands out manufacturer cut-sheets in a freebie folder.   Take action to develop your own marketing materials.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Set Yourself Apart.  Communicate what your difference is.  What unique value do you offer clients?

Focus on What They Want to Know:   Make a list of the 20 biggest issues, challenges, problems or concerns faced by your customers, and be sure to cover those.

Share Case Studies or Project Profiles.  Demonstrate your past success by sharing real case studies or references.  Use direct customer quotes and site photos to make your case study come alive.

Capture testimonials from your best clients.   Regular customer surveys are a great way to generate lists of satisfied customers who might be approached for testimonials.   Remember that good testimonials are genuine and specific.

Don’t Just Talk About Yourself.   Great presentation packages share practical information that is valuable to the reader; educating and persuading rather than simply just selling.  Engage the audience with information about things that help them with their needs, aspirations and desires.  What’s important to them?

Be Clear.  Use words that are simple and easy to understand.  Avoid industry jargon.