4 Ways to Grow Profits and Revenue with our Outdoor Living Early Order Program this Fall

As the fall season approaches, businesses in the outdoor living and landscaping industry have an excellent opportunity to boost their profits and revenue for the coming year by purchasing with an EOP (Early Order Program). At Central Turf and Irrigation Supply, we know fall is the perfect season for you to evaluate your purchasing plans and to take advantage with our 2023-24 Outdoor Living Early Order Program! Let’s explore 4 ways this updated program for 2023 can help your businesses thrive this fall season and beyond.

1. Increased Profit Margins through Exclusive Discounts:

Central’s Outdoor Living Early Order Program offers exclusive discounts & extended terms that can significantly enhance profit margins for businesses. The timing of our program gives our partners the opportunity to capitalize on current pricing before any 2024 manufacturer price increases. By taking advantage of this limited-time opportunity, your business can secure discounted pricing on a wide range of outdoor living products. In addition to discounted pricing, customers also have the opportunity for extended terms and double rewards points. Such savings directly contribute to increased profitability, making it an attractive proposition for businesses looking to maximize their financial gains.

2. Early Planning and Inventory Management:

Through participating in the Outdoor Living Early Order Program, businesses have the advantage of early planning and better inventory management. By placing orders in advance, companies can ensure they have the necessary stock of outdoor living products to meet customer demands during the peak fall and early 2024 season. Early planning also allows businesses to allocate resources efficiently, avoiding last-minute rush and potential shortages. The program empowers businesses with a strategic advantage in their operations, thus enhancing overall productivity and customer satisfaction.

3. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

Customers always appreciate the opportunity to plan ahead and secure their preferred products, especially when it comes to outdoor living. Central Turf and Irrigation Supply’s Early Order Program provides businesses with the means to offer customers exactly that. By participating in the program, companies can cater to their customers’ demands promptly, ensuring availability of preferred products and avoiding potential disappointment due to limited stock, causing pain points in getting the job completed. Providing satisfied customers with what they need translates into repeat business, positive word-of-mouth referrals, and ultimately, continued revenue growth when you look to sell them on additional phases of a job proposal in the future.

4. Leveraging Central Turf and Irrigation Supply’s Reputation:

Central Turf and Irrigation Supply is a trusted name in the outdoor living and landscaping industry for having the knowledge and products that your customers want and that you need. By aligning with our 2023-24 Early Order Program, businesses can leverage the reputation and reliability associated with the Central brand. Customers often place their trust in established suppliers, and by partnering with Central Turf and Irrigation Supply, businesses can gain a competitive edge. Such collaboration can further enhance credibility, expand their customer base, and contribute significantly to long-term profit growth. In particular, hardscape customers like to know where their materials are sourced from and that they are going to be top quality without delays.


As the fall season arrives, businesses in the outdoor living industry can seize the moment to increase their profits and revenue by participating in an EOP. Central Turf and Irrigation Supply’s Outdoor Living Early Order Program offers a valuable opportunity for businesses to secure exclusive discounts, extended terms, double their reward points, plan ahead, manage inventories effectively, and enhance customer satisfaction. By partnering with a reputable brand like Central Turf and Irrigation Supply, businesses can leverage expertise and industry reputation to boost their own success. Act now, participate in the Early Order Program, and watch your profits and revenue grow this fall season and beyond. Reach out to a Central rep with any outdoor living questions. Central is here to partner with you, help you save, and ensure you grow!