Marketing Fall Services

5 Reasons Now is the Best Time to Market Fall Services, and How To Make It Effective

As a green industry contractor, you know that timing is everything. While your schedule during the summer is likely packed, mid-year is the ideal time to start marketing your fall services. Here are five reasons why now is the best time to get your message out for future services, and how you can effectively promote your fall offerings.

  1. Capitalize on Current Visibility

During the summer, your business is at peak visibility. Your trucks are driving around your service areas,  your crews are working on many jobs and customers are thinking about making their lawns as green as possible. This visibility creates an excellent opportunity to engage with potential customers who are already seeing your work. Use this period to inform existing clients about the benefits of planning their fall landscaping needs early.

  • Distribute flyers highlighting your fall services to current and prospective customers.
  • Add information about fall services to your invoices and emails.
  • Utilize social media to share your summer projects and mention your fall services in your captions.
  1. Stay Ahead of Competitors

Most contractors will wait until the end of summer or early fall to start promoting their autumn services. By initiating your marketing efforts now, you can secure commitments before your competitors even begin their campaigns. This proactive approach ensures your business remains top-of-mind for potential customers when they start considering their fall landscaping needs and gives you an edge over your competition.

  • Craft an email campaign highlighting the benefits of booking fall services early.
  • Offer early bird discounts or incentives for customers who schedule their fall services during the summer.
  1. Leverage Existing Customer Relationships

Your current clients are some of your best advocates. Word of mouth is one of the most trusted ways to market your business. The summer is the perfect time to utilize your satisfied customers by encouraging them to refer your services to friends and family. This takes time, and is most effective when done months before the season you are advertising for. Referrals can significantly boost your number of jobs in the fall and increase your bottom line.

  • Introduce a referral program with incentives for clients that refer new customers.
  • Follow up with past clients to remind them of your fall services.
  1. Optimize Scheduling and Resource Allocation

Marketing your fall services now helps you better predict and manage your crew’s workload. By securing jobs earlier, you can allocate resources more efficiently, ensuring you have the necessary manpower and supplies ready when the fall season arrives. Locking in jobs in advance minimizes last-minute rushes for material and reduces economic uncertainty for the fall.

  • Offer flexible payment options for early bookings to make it more enticing for customers to commit to your offers..
  • Plan your material and staffing needs based in advance, reducing the risk of shortages.
  1. Take Advantage of Current Problems

Customers are thinking about their outdoor spaces as they spend more time outside during the summer. Areas that need improvement become much more clear. By positioning your fall services as the logical follow-up to summer maintenance, you can transitions customers to turn to you for both fall and summer services.

  • Create content that informs customers about the importance of fall landscaping, such as blog posts, or social media content.
  • Use testimonials or reviews from previous fall projects to illustrate the value and impact of your services.


Mid-year marketing is crucial for green industry contractors to be successful in the fall season. Despite being a busy time of year, it is also the best time to push future services, if you want to have a profitable fall. Interested in more Marketing Articles from Central? Click HERE