5 Tips to Optimize your Online Footprint

In today’s world of business, establishing a strong online presence is crucial for the success of any organization. In this article, we explore five simple tips to strengthen your online presence and position your business for success in the digital world.

1. Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) profile is a powerful tool for visibility online. Because of how many people utilize Google to find services, it is vital to maintain your GMB profile (If you haven’t created one start here). It is also relatively easy and yields the best results for the amount of time you’re required to spend on it. Ensure you provide accurate business information, including your phone number, business description, and high-quality photos showcasing your services. Make it a habit to encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews, as positive reviews can significantly boost your online reputation and improve how likely you are to appear in search results.

2. Optimize Your Website

Simple, surface level issues with your site could be turning off customers and impacting your Google search rankings. Ensure all your photos are displayed properly and are of high-quality. Double-check that any sites you link to are still functioning and that you using consistent and easy to read fonts throughout your site. Navigability should be a primary focus of your website. The most successful websites have navigation bars that aren’t too cluttered, and make sense functionally. Is it easy for a prospective-customer to find the info they are looking? Do you answer common questions a homeowner may have? Does your website have links connecting your different pages across your site? These are all important questions to consider when optimizing your business’ website.

3. Start A Blog

Post news articles on your website and share them with your customers. This will help increase traffic to your site which shows Google you are a reliable business, worthy of being ranked highly on Google. As a bonus, posting helpful and informative articles, builds trust and credibility for your business in the eyes of your customers. Some article blog tips include seasonal landscaping tips, choosing the best types of products in your region, how you would solve a common homeowner problem, or discussing up and coming landscaping trends.

4. Google Analytics & Search Console

Google Analytics gives you deep insights into the actions users take on your site and where they come from. It can also help you track the success of campaigns and compare what is working and what’s not. Google Search Console can help you discover what terms are most popular when users search for you online. In addition it can be used to optimize your SEO to your best performing keywords. Both tools are free, require a google account and require that you prove ownership of your site. To learn more visit these: Google Search Console & Google Analytics

5. Establish a Social Media Presence

There are two primary ways your customers search for services or products: search engines and social media. 50% of customers check a company’s social media account before making a purchase so the value to having a strong social media presence is important. If you can’t commit to making frequent posts, start with ensuring your accounts are set up properly. Ensure you are using professional or business accounts. This allows you to access key advertising features and advanced analytics.



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