6 Things to Do Ahead for a Streamlined Start to the Season

Here are 6 things to put on your to-do list to prepare for a busy spring:

1) Start recruiting employees. The labor market is tighter than it’s been in 10 years. If you will need help this season, start looking now. Download our FREE Guide for smart tips on finding great candidates.

2) Get inventory ordered. Streamline the process of buying supplies by meeting with your Central representative and placing a pre-season order. Pre-season orders get the best discounts plus flexible payment terms. Get your shop and trucks replenished so you’re ready to be productive.

3) Do final maintenance checks on equipment. Complete final maintenance and overhaul of your equipment fleet. Order a supply of spare parts for common wear items. Your Central representative can help you identify Stens replacement parts to carry for each of your machines.

4) Order tools. There’s nothing that slows productivity faster than a broken or missing tool on a jobsite. It’s time to replace or upgrade hand tools like shovels and pipe cutters. Stop by to see our tool catalogs and to order what you need at wholesale prices.

5) Send out spring service contracts and reminders. Get customer appointments pre-scheduled before the season starts for optimal routing. Taking care of your loyal customers first will give you more capacity to handle other calls when the season breaks.

6) Finalize your late spring marketing campaigns. You’ll be way too busy in May to prepare marketing to keep your company humming in the “after school gets out” months. Get your marketing planned now so it goes easier this season.