6 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Your Business

Nearly 90% of people check their email at least one time a day with the average person checking fifteen times per day. In addition, more than half of these email subscribers say they have purchased a product from a business after receiving an email from them.

If you’re not in your customer’s inbox, you’re missing a giant opportunity to promote your business and services. Email is one of the easiest and most effective ways to promote your business. This is why it’s a vital part of almost all marketing strategies.

Below are six ways that email marketing can help your business:

1. Strengthen Relationships
Email helps you stay top-of-mind with your existing customers. Awareness is important because it drives consumers decisions and help them differentiate between you and a competitor. Send a quarterly e-newsletter to your current customers to let them know what you’ve been up to, introduce them to team members, share relevant articles, or give DIY advise.

2. Tell Your Story
People may not remember everything about your business or services but they’ll remember a story. Every business has a story and email is an excellent way to tell it. How do you tell your story? There are a couple great ways to loop your story into your emails such as case studies and anniversaries. A customer case study will allow you to show before and after photos from a recent job. Better yet, tout your expertise by describing the challenges you overcame with your expertise. Make sure to include a testimonial from your customer highlighting how happy they were with your work.

Have an anniversary coming up? It’s time to celebrate! Everyone loves a feel-good story and milestone anniversaries such as 5, 10, 15, and 20 years are the perfect way to do it. This allows you to showcase how far you’ve come as a business.

3. Promote Your Services
Introducing a new product? Just started offering lighting installations? Want to promote seasonally relevant services? Email is an excellent way to promote your services, upsell existing customers, and target prospects with services that may resonate.

4. Increase Sales
Email was made to drive sales. Did you know that people who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers. Couldn’t we all use a sales boost like that? Email is the natural vehicle for companies to raise of awareness of their promotions and drive their sales.

5. Build Credibility
You’re the expert! You have valuable industry knowledge to share. Consistent, quality email marketing that is relevant, on-topic, and full of value will help you increase your credibility, making it much easier for you to promote and sell your services.

6. Attract New Clients
Your email list should be made up of more than just your past and current clients. It should include people you have networked with, people you have quoted jobs to, and people that have signed up on your site to receive your newsletter. Attract new customers with first-time offers and timely informational emails about your products and services.

For small businesses especially, email is a no-brainer because of the low cost and the high return on investment. Email providers like MailChimp and Sender are free for less than 2,000 email subscribers. Plus, these platforms have easy drag and drop features to make it easy to create beautiful emails.

We cannot stress enough how important email marketing can be for your business. Email can help your business grow but it’s vital you are continually capturing email addresses. Every time someone services one of your customers, they should be helping you create a customer profile. You’ll need to collect their first name, last name, email address, services purchased, and potential future serviced wanted. Then it’s important to keep engaging with your email subscribers. This allows you to continue to promote your business, share exciting new products and services, and showcase your newest work.