A Look Back: The Top Marketing & Business Articles from 2021

It’s important to be prepared for the upcoming year & take your business to the next level of success. Now is a great time to take a look back at what drove success this year, and implement it into your business & marketing strategy for 2022. Below is a recap of this year’s top marketing & business articles that will help you stay ahead of the competition. Capture new customers, improve your online presence, or successfully launch a new service this coming year by reviewing these top five marketing articles:

Why Creating a Content & Promotions Calendar Is Vital for Your Marketing Strategy

As a business owner, priorities tend to shift and your upcoming marketing initiatives may end up at the bottom of the list or forgotten completely. You want to ensure your marketing plans are fully implemented in order to keep your business successful, especially for this upcoming year as more & more people are spending time online than ever before. In our industry, planning ahead will ensure you stay ahead, especially for your marketing strategies. In order to prevent forgetting important upcoming marketing plans or ideas, consider creating a Content & Promotions Calendar.

Raising Prices Without Losing Customers

2021 certainly brought with it a large amount of pivoting when it came to pricing. Costs were up everywhere, and bottom-lines were drastically affected.  Our industry saw manufacturer price increases across all categories due to: increased transportation costs, government regulations, and raw material price increase on items like copper, resins/plastics, and urea/potash. Having important strategies on how to address these pricing changes with your customers was crucial.

Consistently Capturing Online Reviews + Recommendations for Increasing Quantity and Quality of Online Reviews

When a customer trusts your business’s online reviews, they’re more than likely to choose your services over your competitor with lower reviews. Online reviews are a huge influence on your customer’s decisions and are one of the essential methods to attract new potential customers and grow your sales. With online reviews being a significant and positive affect on your next potential customer’s decision, it’s vital for your business to increase the amount of reviews you receive. You can ask for a review from your customers in person, or by email, but how can you consistently capture online reviews from your customers on your great service? We’ve provided you with 5 tips to help ensure your business captures good online reviews.

The Great Resignation: Why It Doesn’t Need To Be That Way For Your Business

You may have only a few employees, or you might have a lot. Whatever the number of how many people make up your company they all play a critical role in the success of your business.  2021 saw a record number of people looking to leave or not return to a job they were in. Thus, a critical question you must ask yourself as a business owner is “how do I retain the employees I have?” The key step to understanding how to retain your employees during this period of large turnover rates is to understand why employees are leaving.

Tips for Goal Setting and Planning During the Off Season

While your clients may only need you on-site heavily during the busy season . . . your business needs your focus year-round. There are many vital and important ways you can focus your goals to ensure that you position yourself and your company well for 2022. Some items discussed are: taking inventory, staying on top of trends, administrative planning, and preparing by taking advantage of Early Order Programs.



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