A Look Back: The Top Turf Articles from 2021

Whether it’s longer-lasting ingredients, environmentally safe formulas, or easier to spread designs, Central stays up-to-date on the newest and best products in turf, fertilizers, and repellents. We saw the turf category this year manage significant increases in demand from consumers being home and being invested in their landscape. However, during this same year of increased purchasing, we also were experiencing volatility with product availability for seed, fertilizer, and chemicals. Extreme weather, overseas manufacturing challenges, and increased costs for packaging and freight, and delays in shipping also led dramatic and constant price adjustments.

Ask the Expert: Dithiopyr vs Prodiamine

One thing that everyone can agree on…crabgrass control requires attention! Preventative care is your best chance at slowing and stopping crabgrass. We connected with Bob Hartman, our Director of Turf, to learn a little more about two popular and effective crabgrass control products, Dithiopyr and Prodiamine.  Both products have excellent crabgrass pre-emergence properties. As Bob writes, “Usually it boils down to the part of the country you are in, the type of grass you are applying it on, the amount of crabgrass pressure you have as well as the amount of precipitation we get.”

What is Hybrid Fertilizer?

In the fertilizer industry we use the term to describe blends that combine two unique sources for powering plant growth; synthetic derived nutrients and organic derived nutrients.  You may have also heard hybrid fertilizers described as ‘bridge’ products or ‘organic based’ products.  All three descriptions represent the practice of combining synthetic and organic nutrient sources.  There are multiple reasons for the modern re-evaluation of organic sourcing including most importantly; sustainability and agronomics.  Read how products like nutrient-efficient Hudson Valley Natural combines the best of both the organic and synthetic world, while also keeping costs down and keeping customers satisfied.

Best Practices for Managing Tick & Mosquito Season

Mosquitoes can be vectors for West Nile Disease and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. Ticks commonly carry Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. There is a long list of additional pathogens these pests can spread. Whether romping along the trail or enjoying a backyard barbecue it is wise for outdoor adventurers to take precautions for self-protection. Learn a little about the life cycles of ticks & mosquitos, plus look at Central’s recommendations for how to offer services to your customers to control them.

Ask the Expert: Best Practices for Fall Weed Control

If you’re looking for a weed-free lawn next spring, fall is the perfect time to start thinking about controlling weeds in turf; in fact, it’s the best time to start the control of the most difficult of weeds.  Many experts consider fall weed control to be more effective than waiting to tackle weeds in the spring. Check out these three recommendations for fall weed control to save you profits, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


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