Ask the Expert: Seed Blends and Mixtures for Long-Lasting Success

As temperatures start to cool down, the overseeding season ramps up. Now is an important time for turf management, renovation, and overseeding. There are many things to consider during this time of year and we want to make sure your up to seed on best practices for turf renovation and seed.

Earlier this year, we published The Seed Report which discusses the crop report on popular varieties such as K31, TTTF, Kentucky Blue, Fine Fescue and Ryegrass. The report also covered a few curve balls to look out for this season, sustainable turf options, and how blends and mixtures can be used for long-lasting success.

With that in mind, we’ve reconnected with Anthony Pignataro, Central’s East Coast Turf Director, to share his insight on seed blends and mixtures.

From Anthony:

Optimal time for overseeding is when daytime temperatures range from 60 to 75 degrees. This means the soil is usually between 50 and 65 degrees, which is the right environment for seed germination. We’re just about ready to hit these temperature marks.

So, I always get asked, what is the best seed mixture? Unfortunately, this is not a straight forward answer and there is not one best mixture. The reason for this is the blend or mixture needs to fit the customer’s criteria and the property’s environment. Is the area sunny, shady, or a mixture of both? Is the property maintained and irrigated? Is there high foot traffic? The best seed blend or mixture is one that fits the environment and need.

While there is not one magic seed that will fit every customer, you can be assured the grass seed mixtures purchased from Central are of the highest quality. Central’s seed mixes have the highest quality varieties, highest germination rate, and lowest weed seed content available. Even more, with 48 locations nationwide in varying climates, we have varieties and mixtures that will perform best for your geographical location.

Below you will find six of our best-selling grass seed mixtures and blends for long-lasting success (in no particular order):

1. Central All Star

Central All Star is a mixture of turf-type tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, and Kentucky bluegrass. This mixture forms a dark and durable turf, designed to do well under a variety maintenance levels and performs well in sunny areas and moderate shade.

2. Central Liberty Mix

Central Liberty Mix is a mixture of perennial ryegrass, fine fescues, and Kentucky bluegrass. This mixture forms a premium turf designed to do well under moderate- to high-maintenance levels, and performs well in sunny and areas with moderate shade.

3. Central Par Three Blend

Central Part Three is a blend of three highly rated cultivars of perennial ryegrass. This blend is a quick germinating ryegrasses and is good for sunny areas to partial shade. It performs well under moderate to high maintenance.

4. Central Blue/Rye Renovator

Central Blue/Rye Renovator forms a premium turf for a variety of applications. This mixture is designed to do well under higher maintenance levels. It performs well in sunny areas as well as in areas with partial shade

5. Central Shadow Mix

Central Shadow Mix is an ideal mixture for applications in moderate to full shade. Due to the reduced water and fertility requirements of fine fescues, it is also a good choice for turf areas with reduced inputs such as organic lawns or naturalized areas.

6. Central Top Dog Sun & Shade

Central Top Dog Sun & Shade is an ideal mixture for a variety of applications. This mixture is designed to do well under moderate to high maintenance levels. It performs well in sunny areas as well as in areas with moderate shade.

Not seeing something you need? For other Central varieties please check with your local Central Turf & Irrigation Supply branch or rep. They’ll help source the right seed solution for your job.

Fall Seed Program

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Rely on Central to help, whether it’s questions about specific varieties, mixtures and blends, the newest innovations, or finding the right solutions for a problem area. We stay at the leading edge of the industry and we’re ready to help you grow!

About Anthony Pignataro

Anthony Pignataro is our East Coast Turf Director and has more than four decades of experience in the horticultural industry. From landscape maintenance and construction to sod farm, grass seed and retail/wholesale nursery, Pignataro knows turf. With nearly a decade of experience researching, purchasing, and blending premium ryegrasses, fescues, and bluegrasses, Pignataro is an excellent resource for finding the right blend or mixture for your needs. He has spent much of his career solving turf-grass issues and can help you create the right fertilizer or pesticide program, whether it’s traditional, low impact, or organic.