5 Marketing Strategies to Successfully Launch a Service

Last month we discussed finding the right time to launch a new service. Once you have figured out when you are going to launch your new service, it’s time to look at the how.

When you launch a new service, you need your excitement to be contagious. Tell people about it early and often. After all, it doesn’t matter how great the service is if no one knows it’s available.

1. Start Early

As I mentioned in the post about timing, you need to find the best time to launch your new service. And you marketing plan must be put into effect prior to that. You need to make sure your customers hear your message enough times that they think of you when it’s time to buy.

Remember those early-bird customers we mentioned in last month’s article? They will be your first wave and very likely to share info about your new service through word of mouth. Make sure you are on their minds when they start looking.

2. Industry Research & Analysis

You need to know what your competition is offering and when they are likely to offer it. Understanding things like seasonal and industry trends will help you not only create your new service but also figure out how to market it.

What sets you apart from your competition? Do you offer organic or sustainable solutions? Are you the only contractor in your area selling outdoor audio? Get out in front of the competitor with your marketing messages and make them follow your lead. When you offer a solution that they do not, it will naturally set your business apart and pique your customers’ interests.

3. Be Stylish

Release a service people will want to show off or talk about. Get folks excited to tell their neighbors about what you did for them.

Nothing sells better than envy. You need to tap into that desire for “keeping up with the Joneses”. And you want people to tell the world how thrilled they are with your service.

 4. Tell Your Existing Customers

Use email, social media and direct mail to get the word out to the people already following you. Word of mouth is the best advertising, so let people who already do business with you know there is a new service coming that they will want to try.

You’ll want to create a bit of excitement and let your regular or existing customers know that they are getting this info early because they are loyal customers. Using words like exclusive, early release, or introductory special will help to engage with these customers.

 5. Tell Everyone About It

Again, utilize your email list, it should be made up of more than just your past and current clients. It should include people you have networked with, people you have quoted jobs to, and people that have signed up on your site to receive your newsletter.

Amplify your message with your website and Google My Business Page. Create blog posts that talk about the service and shows before and after pictures of completed jobs. Make a video demonstration or show the product in a live demonstration, if that’s feasible. You need to continue to present this new service on your email, website, and social media to help the message spread.

Whether it’s marketing consultation, business strategy recommendations, or design support, Central is the right partner for your business. If you need help with your marketing or business initiatives, reach out. We’re ready to help you grow.