Contractor Marketing Resolutions for 2019

Want to accelerate your marketing success with just a few easy steps? Resolve to focus more on these marketing winners in the coming season:

Take More Project Photos

As the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It’s no secret that the right images can help your clients connect with the quality and breadth of your company’s work. When you have a great image portfolio, you’ll sell more jobs. Your clients often don’t know the technical side of what you do, but they can appreciate how your work can make their house look so much better.

Meet More Clients in Person

In this era of e-mails and cell phone calls, we’re seeing a bad trend in estimating: “the stealth bomber”. This is the contractor who drops by a property when the homeowner isn’t there – and then emails a quote for the work. If you do this, you’re selling yourself short. Meet the client in person. Build trust and rapport. Answer questions. Ask for the order. Statistics show the results: your close rates will double when you meet the client in-person.

Respond to Quotes Faster

In today’s busy market, the first contractor to show up has the best chance of getting the work. It’s not just about being early – or prompt. The customer draws conclusions from your ability to schedule and follow-through on an appointment quickly. You must be the kind of contractor who “has is act together”.

Sell Upgrades and Add-Ons

The most successful and profitable contractors have a pre-prepared menu of add-ons and upgrades that they offer-up as part of every quote. Less successful contractors talk about doing this, but never get around to compiling the information and setting prices for the add-on services. Resolve to stop leaving so much money on the table on every job.