Industry Alert: Your Customers Want Them – All Natural & Family-Safe Products

Our industry is ever evolving. More and more, our customers are driving purchase behavior—especially when it comes to all-natural, organic, sustainable, and low environmental impact options. Sustainability and organics are big business. Companies from Amazon and General Mills to UPS, Motorola and beyond—are investing in organics or putting sustainable practices in place for their customers. If major global companies are investing in these options, it’s time that you considered adding organic and all-natural products to your business too.

So, where do you start?

It’s important to know that the organic movement is no longer a trend, it’s a way of life. Homeowners, especially the younger ones, have come to expect organic, all natural, sustainable, or low-impact as an option. Seventy-eight percent of millennials, the biggest group of new homeowners and prospective customers, are willing to and actively changing their lifestyle to protect the environment. Furthermore, 70 percent of them said that a company’s environmental focus impacts their purchasing decisions.

It’s critical that you add these products to your business and that you offer them as an option on every job. Whether it’s all-natural fertilizers, organic pesticides, water-saving controllers, or LED lighting options—these customers want an environmentally friendly, family-safe choices for their pets and kids.

What if organic and sustainable products are out of your wheelhouse?

We get it. Everyday something in our industry changes, from new products and technology to regulations and pricing. And, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why it’s important for you to rely on your relationships with industry experts, like Central, to help you navigate organics.

At Central, we’re making investments in organics and sustainability. We’ve recently added a Sustainability Department and have made strategic hires of industry experts including John Huber, our Organic and Sustainable Products Manager. We’re ready to help you introduce a low-impact, all-natural program to your business, share valuable insights, and help answer any questions you may have.

What type of products should you consider adding to your portfolio?

There is tremendous opportunity in all-natural and organic-based fertilizers and chemicals. Our industry has recently seen negative news coverage with the Roundup lawsuit, and homeowners may be gun-shy about what chemicals go on their lawns. The good news is, we have a full portfolio of fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides including low-impact, all-natural, and 100% organic options.

Beyond customer requests, there are many benefits to organic-based and all-natural products. If you have had an opportunity to read some of our other articles, we address common misconceptions, discuss the increased efficacy and efficiency of organic-based fertilizers, and outline how price of these products is inline with traditional fertilizers.

What’s Your Plan?

As you kick off the season and approach your customers, make sure you have a plan that resonates with them. For example, this year many areas of the country are looking at epidemic levels of ticks and mosquitoes. When you approach a homeowner, it’s best to outline the problem with your solution. Let know what options are available to them (including low impact, all natural, and 100% organic), and explain to them when and how often you recommend application.

Make sure that everyone on your team is on message. How is your office handling calls and requests about organics, what are your guys saying in the field? It’s important that the members on your team know about the organic and low-impact options that you offer. These options shouldn’t be an afterthought but considered a viable and effective product offering.

If you’re looking for marketing material such as post cards or door hangers, Central can help create custom pieces to help you target your customers. Whether your goal is to up-sell existing customers or reach new homeowners, we’re ready to help you stand out from the competition. Adding a low-impact or all-natural option will help you do just that. These additional offering will allow you to charge a premium for your services and help your business grow. And, your customers will be happy that you have helped them keep their family and pets safe.

Beyond homeowners, many municipalities and commercial companies are looking to tout their green or sustainable efforts. Having these options available to your commercial clients may help you win the job over your competition.

Have questions about our low-impact or organic-based solutions? Contact us here.