Landscape Lighting Maintenance: Essential & Profitable

Just as an automobile will run better and last longer with regular tune-ups and oil changes, a landscape lighting system will perform better with regular routine maintenance.

Some contractors forget to discuss maintenance programs with their clients, so existing systems don’t maintain their performance over time. Customers are aware that bulbs must be changed when they burn out, but are usually completely uneducated about the other maintenance required. Plants grow, sprinklers spray, weather takes its toll. Creating a comprehensive maintenance program protects your client’s investment and provides you an additional revenue stream.

Many lighting contractors are now offering maintenance plans with these components:

Proper re-lamping: Using as-built plans, lamps are replaced with the correct lumens and beam-spreads to match the original plans. A common homeowner error is to purchase a batch of DIY lamps at the home center, resulting in drastic changes to the appearance and efficiency of the system. Central offers a full range of LED lamps to help you upgrade customers to better performance.

Complete cleaning: Calcium stains from sprinklers, animal droppings, leaves, overzealous mulching and other build-up can quickly degrade or even cover the light output. Fixtures must be cleaned annually and inspected for any issues.

Reposition and re-aim: Plantings may have overgrown current fixture locations, or fixtures may have been knocked out of place by gardeners or pedestrians. Proper pruning, repositioning and minor repairs assure light goes where needed.
Upgrades: Offering a maintenance plan provides the opportunity to include a price for upgrades like color-changing LED lamps (like Unique’s Vivid) or new app-based lighting controls (like Unique’s Light Logic).

Regular maintenance maintains the proper effect and maintains customer satisfaction over the life of the installation.   Start offering landscape lighting service plans soon!