What Are Residential Landscape Customers Buying Now?

What gets residential landscape customers excited?   We surveyed professionals around the country about products, services and enhancements they’re adding into their proposals to stand out from other contractors.

Here’s what landscape pros said is popular with their clients AND profitable to sell:

  1. Custom design. Inspired by home lifestyle shows on television and beautiful photo spreads in magazines, customers are attracted to customized landscape features rather than just traditional.  Landscapes that come with a wow factor or bragging rights are worth the extra investment. Modern design (think clean, minimalist design) is winning out over more ornamental looks.
  2. Set and forget/maintenance free. These are important buzzwords for today’s over-scheduled customer. Many don’t want to do anything with their landscape other than enjoy it. Smartphone-compatible automation is popular with some. Others prefer the contractor to offer a maintenance plan for a totally hands-off experience.
  3. Backyard entertaining/outdoor living. Sitting in traffic to visit the shopping mall is so 1970s.  Now customers want to chill in the comfort of their own landscape, especially if the space is set up with comfortable amenities like seating, an outdoor kitchen, audio systems, landscape lighting and more.
  4. Natural/organic. Many clients are requesting eco-friendly alternatives in both landscape materials and in alternatives to traditional landscape chemicals.  From fencing made from reclaimed wood to organic fertilizers and pest controls, landscapers can satisfy clients who seek a more earth-friendly landscape. Start by offering choices or options to clients (e.g. organic fertilizer versus traditional) to see the potential.