Landscape Pest Prevention: Grubs – What, When and How?

Maybe you’ve have had a past history of grubs and other lawn insects causing damage. You may be asking yourself, “How do I properly prepare my lawn for grubs and insects this year? What is the best option for my lawn? When is the best time to apply? How do I ensure that I will have a great lawn throughout the summer?”

The best way to alleviate grub and insect damage in lawns is to create a strong and healthy turf. A strong and healthy root system will provide the best defense against turf pests. A properly timed fertilizer with insect control is also important in protecting your lawn against damage. Ryan Batz, Central’s Fertilizer Category Director, walks us through below the steps you can take to create this healthy turf and defend again turf pests.

A healthy lawn begins with a balanced fertility program. The Hudson Valley line of premium fertilizers offer a complete nutritional package that gives you a Strong and Healthy root system.

HVN Premium fertilizers give you many options to provide you with what your lawn needs.

  • 17-0-4 Jackpot – Offers 5 sources of Nitrogen to provide optimized growth and a strong healthy plant.
  • 7-0-5 Jackpot FLEX – Designed with 3 sources of nitrogen and the necessary Sulfur that soil needs to help prevent Disease.
  • 10-0-15 Jackpot DEFENDER – Offers 4 sources of nitrogen and the benefit of Potassium that your turn needs to help combat summer stress.

There are many options that provide grub and insect control alongside your fertility program. All of the options are available on HVN premium Fertilizers to allow you to make 2 applications into only 1.

Merit Insecticide – Merit has been the long-standing champion of grub control since it’s inception into the turf market. Merit is imidacloprid, and effectively prevents grubs when applied at the correct time. May/June application dates at the recommended label rate, will provide you season long grub control. Merit is restricted use in some states, please contact your Central Turf & irrigation Professional to ensure its availability in your state.

Imida-Lambda Insecticide – Imida-Lambda is a dual control insecticide which is based on imidacloprid grub control. Imida-Lambda adds Lambda cyhalothin to the mix to help with surface feeding insects, such as Chinch Bugs, ticks, and fleas.

Allectus Insecticide – Allectus is also a dual control insecticide that also works off of the Imidacloprid base. Allectus adds Bifenthrin to combat surface feeding insects. The addition of Bifenthrin helps you maintain those pesky insects that not only wreak havoc on the turf, but also have become an inconvenience to outdoor activities. Allectus and Imida Lambda are very effective at reducing the population of mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and most other pesky insects. Allectus and Imida-lambda are considered Restricted Use in some states, please contact your Central Turf & irrigation professional for availability.

Acelepryn Insecticide – Acelepryn is a new comer to the turf world and has been providing excellent results. Acelepryn is a reduced-risk insecticide that when applied early enough, can provide season long control of grubs and other turf damaging insects. Acelepryn should be applied in May for the best control.

The Turf Grub cycle encompasses 4-6 different types of grubs depending on your location and each grub has a different hatch timing. In the northeast, we are mostly concerned with the hatch of the Japanese Beetle. Your Insecticide application needs to be applied prior to adult emergence and egg laying to help prevent turf damage in the late summer.


Consult your Central Turf & irrigation Professional for the best timing in your area.

Here are a few of the options you have for Turf pest control at Central Turf & Irrigation.


HVN 17-0-4 Jackpot with Acelepryn

  • Apply at 4lb/M in early to late May to prevent grub damage for the season.
  • Reduced Risk insecticide and has no effect on the Honey bee population.

HVN 17-0-4 Jackpot with Imida-Lambda

  • Apply at 4lb/M in June for grub prevention and control of surface feeding insects.
  • Will provide excellent control of ticks and fleas.

HVN 10-0-15 with Allectus

  • Apply at 4lb/M to provide your turf with a great defense for summer stress.
  • Provides Grub and surface feeding insect control.

HVN 7-0-5 with Imida-Lambda

  • Apply at 4lb/M to increase turf color and summer sustainability.
  • Provides grub and surface insect control when applied in June.


Central Turf & Irrigation Supply has many options for your summer insect control. Our experts know that every area of the country is different in their needs and timing and they are here to help you determine what is best to apply in your area. Stop in today and let Central partner with you to plan an approach that is successful, efficient, and cost-effective for your business and your customers!

About Ryan Batz

Ryan has a B.S. in Turfgrass Management from Pennsylvania State University. He is a GCSAA Class A Member with 6 years’ experience as the US Technical Director for Ferti Technologies. In addition, he brings to the team 11 years as a Golf Course Superintendent and was a former owner/operator of GreenKeepers Lawn Care. During his career, Ryan has also been in sales as a Golf Technical Sales representative in the NY Metropolitan area. Ryan embodies the Central Difference by holding positions as the Current Board Treasurer and Co-Founder of Candlewood Fishing Camp, a non-profit camp for underprivileged youth, and he sits on the Project Advisory Board for Candlewood Lake Authority – Minimizing Fertilizer Runoff.