Late to the Game Deciding Your Insecticide Program – Now What?

The Turf season has broken loose. Applications are in full effect. Crabgrass control and Post Emergent Herbicides are being applied. So, whats next? Grub and Surface Feeding Insect Control is rapidly approaching. If you haven’t finalized your insecticide gameplan for these pests yet, Here’s a quick look at your options below from Ryan Batz, Central’s Turf Category Fertilizer Director:


Grub control comes down to 2 chemistries, Imidacloprid and Chlorantraniliprole, better known in the market as Merit and Acelepryn. Merit and other named Imidacloprid products are best applied as a granular before July 4th. This Chemistry will protect turf through the summer months. These are classified as Neonicotinoids, they offer excellent control, but some states have installed regulations pertaining to their applications. Please check your state for any regulations.

Acelepryn and other Chlorantraniliprole products such as Durentis are reduced risk insecticides that provide excellent long season control of grubs. These chemistries can be applied via granular or liquid application. Applications before Memorial day will provide the best results. Due to its early season timing and flexibility, Acelepryn and Dimension can be applied at the same time. Central offers a solution for this with HVN Jackpot 17-0-4 with Dimension & Acelepryn to help you manage costs and labor by applying 2 applications at one time.

SURFACE FEEDING INSECTS (Chinch bugs, Billbugs, Ticks and Fleas)

The 2 most common chemistries to control surface feeding insects and pests are Bifenthrin and Lambda-Cyhalothrin. Both products are classified as Pyrethroids, and have established themselves as the premier insect control across the country. Central Turf & Irrigation offers two great options for these with HVN and CENTRAL PRO TURF branded fertilizers with Bifenthrin Insecticide.


A more common approach for late season insect control on turf is a combination product that will control grubs as well as surface feeding insects. The 2 most common products are Allectus and Imi-Lambda. Allectus is a combination of Imidacloprid and Bifenthrin, whereas, Imi-Lambda is the combination of Imidacloprid and Lambda-Cyhalothrin. Central Turf & Irrigation has HVN Jackpot 17-0-4 Imi-Lambda and CENTRAL 17-0-3 Imi-Lambda available and ready for the late season insect application.



For Options and programs for your Turf Insecticide Application, please consult with your local Central Turf representative. Central is here to partner with you on a Turf plan in your region that will ensure high quality growth, with value-added products for your business. Interested In More Turf Category Articles? Checkout More here: TURF SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT ARTICLES