Lock in Savings and Flexibility with a Pre-Season Order

Your Central representative is ready to meet with you to review our 2018 Commitment Program.

Learn how you can lock-in special discounts and rewards simply by ordering the materials you will need this spring now.

The benefits of the Central program are unmatched:

  • Get product now, pay later. Central helps with your seasonal cash flow by getting you the products you need to start with payment due in the summer.
  • Stock and organize now when you have time. Re-stock your shop, service trucks and trailers ahead of the seasonal rush.
  • Lock in extra rewards and extended payment terms. When you meet minimum order requirements, you can qualify for double Central points all season long, plus extended terms.
  • We make it easy, so you can focus on what’s really important. Get your inventory ordered ahead so you have more time to attend to your customers during the busiest months of the year.

Your Central representative will share with you our Smart Inventory Plan for your business based on your past buying habits plus all of the details on the discounts and incentives.  Take the first step to a great 2018 this month!