NEW RESOURCE: 1-844-PUMP-101. Central Has the Answers To Your Pump Questions!

Whether your pumping needs are for a residential project or a large golf course, Central can supply the pumps, controls and accessories to make your project a success.

The Central Pump Hotline provides Central customers with direct access to our pump experts. We can offer pump sizing and selection assistance, troubleshooting, and pump application recommendations.

This brand new resource, launched January 2, 2018, is completely free for Central customers and available during regular business hours.

As a full-service pump distributor, we offer a complete range of submersible, jet, booster and specialty pumps plus entire pumping stations. We offer a variety of control options from simple relays to sophisticated programmable logic controls and variable frequency drives.

Next time you have a pump question, call the experts at the Central Pump Hotline at 1-844-PUMP-101!