How to Make Irrigation Start-Up Season More Profitable

Get the Right Tools on Your Trucks. Irrigation service goes faster when technicians have the right tools and know how to use them.   Use the off-season to master electrical troubleshooting and wire tracing with on-line tutorials. Stock up on specialized tools and supplies like riser extractors, valve box pumps and insect spray.

Dial for Dollars.   If you are routing a technician to a neighborhood, have your office team call the owners of adjacent properties to book spring service start-up visits.  They will be glad to learn your team will be nearby and that they can receive priority service.  Your technician can be more effective by moving from site to site in the same area.

Don’t Just Fix at Failure, Replace All.  Rather than just repairing the one sprinkler with the leaky seal, be sure to proactively recommend that your customer change out all of the sprinklers that have reached the end of their useful life. This saves the customer from the hassle of unexpected failures and the expense of additional service visits.

Observe and Record for Later.  With a full list of customers all wanting their systems activated at the same time, technicians are in a hurry.   They often skip over opportunities to make system enhancements and upgrades.  For example, relocating sprinkler heads or adding drippers might improve coverage. Have a procedure to write down additional repairs or enhancements needed so you can fix these things during the slower months.

Sell Service Agreements.   The most successful contractors enroll their clients in annual maintenance agreements including spring start-up, summer maintenance and fall winterization.  If you’re not offering agreements, or if you need to grow the percentage of your customers participating, invest in a session with an industry consultant to expand your knowledge.