Mid-Season Check In: 5 Tips to Keep Your Crew Happy & Motivated

With the season in full swing, that can only mean one thing; it is another busy time for your team out there in the field. Doing a mid-season check in is always a good idea in order to identify and address any pain points within the business before they begin to become larger obstacles or prevent the business from thriving. If you are unsure of where to start, we’ve listed some ideas below to get you thinking.

1. Listen to Feedback
One of the best ways that you can support your crew is to simply make sure that their needs are heard. Maybe they are in need of some tools or are running low on supplies? Maybe a vehicle is in need of repairs or there’s some faulty equipment in the fleet? It could be anything, but it is important to make sure that feedback doesn’t go unheard. If it becomes a precedent that feedback is ignored, this might discourage future feedback from being shared, allowing for issues to go unnoticed and growing worse over time. While not every upgrade can be immediately justified, it is always worth weighing the potential cost against the potential benefit. Even a small investment could lead to huge benefits in the long term when team members feel heard and their feedback valued.

2. Set a Positive Example
“You get what you give” is a common phrase that is often forgotten about when looking through the scope of a business, yet this mindset can have a major impact on a business. A positive mindset can help foster a positive working environment, leading to greater levels of morale and productivity. Additionally, employees that are exposed to a positive working environment are more likely to achieve their goals, have greater levels of motivation and are more willing to tackle challenges.

Lifestyle Benefits of a Positive Working Environment:

      • Can help mitigate negative health effects due to stress
      • Allows for better coping methods
      • Improved mental health
      • Boosts leadership and problem-solving skills

3. Plan by Priority
Not everything can be an emergency – but there is always so much work to be done. This is a common occurrence that is often expressed by many contractors, but rushing from job to job and putting extra pressure to complete a project on an unrealistic timeline, leads to higher possibility for mistakes and workplace accidents, further putting the business behind schedule. It is inevitable that mistakes do happen, but it is best to minimize them in order to protect a business’ bottom line and to keep your customers happy. Your crews in the field will feel happier if they know you value how much time certain jobs are going to require and not overbook.

4. Set Clear & Reasonable Goals and Expectations
If the project schedule were to suddenly become overbooked with projects, employees will begin to feel rushed, leading to higher levels of stress and anxiety while on the job, along with that constant feeling of being behind on every project. As a result, employees begin to burn out faster, work less efficiently, look for shortcuts in their work and make mistakes more often. This loss in efficiency causes each project to now take longer to complete, potentially leading to longer delays and could make some customers feel ignored or drive away their business altogether. You don’t want your crew members taking the brunt of any negative feedback in the field from unhappy customers. This is why setting clear, reasonable goals and expectations with your customers during the busy season is critical in protecting your employees overall livelihood and your company reputation. Don’t forget that you have invested in your employees just as much, if not more, than many other areas of your business – it is wise to protect that investment.

5. Keep Burnout at Bay
Don’t forget that it is just as important to build in breaks and take time away even mid-season, in order to prevent burnout. Keep your employees engaged, motivated and working more efficiently for longer stretches during the busy season if they aren’t exhausted. Keep in mind that this break does not always need to be a vacation or closing down for the day, it could be just as simple as building in a 10-minute break a couple of times during the work day. Sometimes stopping for coffee, water, or a breather is all that is needed to get re-energized to take on the remainder of the day.

Benefits of Preventing Burnout

      • Lower stress/anxiety levels
      • Better quality of life
      • Improved mental health
      • Increased performance, efficiency & resiliency throughout the season

The overall key is to check in with your employees, especially during the height of the busy season, to ensure there aren’t issues that need immediate attention. Focus on setting a positive energy environment and consider the best way for you and your team to keep burnout at bay!


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