Mobile Apps for Professional Contractors

Beyond the apps offered by the popular irrigation brands, we’ve discovered some free cool apps that are well-supported by their sponsors and that offer a wealth of value for the pro contractor.

Bosch Toolbox: Includes a measurement feature for measuring your jobsite. Includes a daily documentation feature to gather up media (photos, video, notes) and export as tracking documentation.

Milwaukee One-Key: Free to use program to inventory and track tools and equipment. Better control your equipment and hand tools. Pairs with the Tick, a device that can be hidden on your equipment, and can help track its whereabouts.

iAuditor: Tracks weekly safety audits by your crew leaders.

PlanGrid: Provides contractors with real-time access to drawings, punch lists, submittals and more in digital form from a mobile device. Eliminate paper plans on site.

TSheets: Cloud-based time tracking, and scheduling app is an alternative to a paper time-sheet or punch cards.