How to Make New Hires Successful Quickly

The candidate said yes! How do you convert your new hire’s excitement and enthusiasm into a great productive start?

Most new hires decide if they’re going to stay within a couple of months of starting the job, so making the connection early is a great way to ensure the candidate stays with you.
More importantly, getting your new hire through the initial awkward phase of being the “new person” and moving toward being “a productive member of the team”.

The key is to have a checklist to guide the steps from hire through to the end of the first month. Help the new hire–and the team–through the anxiety that comes with change and encourage productive connections to be made. Here are some essential ingredients in good on-boarding:

  • A welcome message given to employees, welcoming the new hire with a few brief details about the person and his/her new role. Encourage everyone to greet the new person and make them feel a part of your team.
  • A checklist provided to the new employee with information on common questions: work start/end times, break policies, restroom locations, planning for lunch, what to bring on the first day, etc.
  • A brief job description with requirements, expectations and keys to success. Be sure it’s clear what the new hire needs to learn, know and accomplish after 14-30 days in the role.
  • A welcome kit including some company logo materials (appropriate to the role – a mousepad, ballcap, padfolio, etc.) and required personal protective equipment (safety glasses, hearing protection, etc.)

Get feedback from recent new employees on other things you could add to your onboarding program. Think about what would make you feel welcomed and make you excited to get started.