Nationwide Trucking Shortage Driving Fertilizer, Pipe & Bulk Materials Costs Higher

According to the Wall Street Journal last month, “a nationwide truck shortage is forcing thousands of shippers into a tough choice: postpone all but the most important deliveries, or pay dearly to jump to the front of the line.”

The pinch has been caused by several factors:

  • freight volumes have risen due to a strong economy
  • new DOT regulations have restricted driver work times, essentially cutting the number of available drivers
  • Fortune 500 corporations are reaching deeper into the existing base of freight lines, grabbing capacity traditionally available to small and mid-sized firms

The situation is expected to intensify in April as the DOT rules take full effect.

Contractors should expect rising prices and longer lead times for bulk materials.

While Central is working hard to increase inventory levels at our distribution centers to reduce dependence on trucking lead times, we appreciate your advance notice on any and all large project needs.