Planning a Pump Project? We’ve Got Resources!

Whether you’re working on spring start-ups or planning new installations, tackling projects with pumps can be an extra challenge. To help you get acquainted with the right steps, and to position you for success, we’ve gathered these irrigation pump resources to save you time, labor, and improve your bottom line.

Troubleshooting Guide for Centrifugal Pumps

Did you know that 80+% of all pump performance issues are on the suction side? Discover how to diagnose and resolve loss of prime, air leaks and other things that keep water from flowing without needing to remove the pump from the line. Tips apply to all major brands of centrifugal irrigation pumps. A must have for service technicians. Available in English and Spanish.

What Pump to Choose? Complete the Worksheet for a Quick Answer

Munro’s Centrifugal Pump Data Worksheet walks you through the pump sizing process so that you can be sure to get exactly what you need for the application. And don’t forget to click below to view more helpful worksheets.

2024 Munro Pump Resource Guide and Catalog (a.k.a. The Pump Bible)

For tons of invaluable irrigation resources, get Munro’s 2024 Irrigation Pump Resource Guide.

  • Review details, specs and applications for dozens of pumps
  • Selection worksheets
  • Typical installation diagrams and shopping lists
  • Charts and tables – wire size, friction loss, conversion tables


The Central team is ready to help provide support for all of your irrigation project needs. Connect with your branch to get started. Need pump questions answered fast in the field, call the Central Pump Hotline: 1-844-PUMP-101.