What Does That Seed Blend REALLY Contain? Know What You’re Getting Before Falling for a “Great Deal”

Not all turf seed blends are created equal.

When purchasing grass seed, it’s good to examine, not just the price per bag or the price per pound quoted, but also the amount of actual Pure Live Seed (PLS) in the bag.  Pure Live Seed indicates the amount of seed that is capable of developing into seedlings.

To calculate PLS, the percentage of pure seed for each variety is multiplied by the germination percentage listed on the label and the result is divided by 100.  For example, in the case of Rhizing Moon Tall Fescue, 39.8 x 85% = 33.83.  33.83% of a 50-lb bag is 16.92 lbs (50 x .3383).  The same math would be done for all four varieties to show a total of 42.32 pounds of Pure Live Seed in a 50-lb bag.

Verify that any “better deal product” is really a better deal by:

  • Evaluating the content: does it actually have more worthless “Other Crop Seed”;  a higher amount of “Inert Matter”; or even “Other Weeds”?
  • Knowing the age: Is it an older seed lot with a lower germination percentage?
  • Calculating how much Pure Live Seed are you really getting for the price you’re being quoted.

With certain seed varieties being in short supply, along with dramatically higher freight costs this year, we are seeing other suppliers making adjustments that may not favor you.

Central Turf & Irrigation Supply is committed to offering high-quality seed mixtures at competitive prices despite all of these pressures.    But we will not CUT CORNERS!

Rather than cheapening our mix with older, inferior varieties, or offering something with less Pure Live Seed, we’ve negotiated with our suppliers in Oregon.

We are offering a Fall Seed Program with very competitive prices, extended terms and discounts—that includes the best possible mixes.    Ask your Central representative for the full details today.