Tips for Selecting the Right Ice Melting Solutions This Season

Choosing the right ice melting solution isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. You’re making an important decision that impacts your profitability, your customers’ safety and your potential liability.

Select the products you will use this season carefully, considering these important factors:

Product performance. Key performance factors include:

  • effective melting temperature – typically the better the product, the lower the melting point.
  • optimum particle size – ice melter with medium-sized particles delivers most effective results. Poor quality products have particles too small or too large which lead to poor results.

Liquid or granular. Most clients prefer granular – the industry standard. But we’re also offering liquids now too. Both have a place in the market. Let us walk you through the options.

Application rate color indicator. Makes product visible when it goes down. Lets crew members see their results and keeps them from over-applying. Since many crew members naturally tend to over-use ice melt, applying the correct amount can save your company 15-20% over the course of a season.

Safety for plants, concrete and pets. Premium ice melting blends contain ingredients that have less environmental carry-over and that are dramatically less likely to injure plants or cause damage to walkways or structures.

Supplier reliability. Partner with a supplier who offers guaranteed delivery and who will locate product for you during times of industry shortage (shortages have been a significant factor in the last 10 years). Flexible payment terms can also help you manage the unpredictability of the winter season by allowing you to stock up before storms hit.

Ask your Central representative to help you compare ice melter features and performance to make the right selections for your local market area.