Making the Most of an Extended Fall Season

Many parts of the country are enjoying warmer and drier weather than normal. This gives you an opportunity to extend your season and capture additional profit dollars.

Here’s how to make the most of the weeks ahead:

Fill remaining openings in your schedule. Got room to squeeze in more work? Pick up the phone! You’ll be surprised how many sales you can close just by calling and checking in. Even if you don’t make a sale, a check-in call reinforces business next season. Be sure to offer popular fall services like landscape lighting, fall cleanups and fertilization.

Sell irrigation winterization clients on next year’s service plan. Being proactive locks in the business early. For irrigation clients, the best time to sell a spring start-up agreement is during the fall winterization season.

Invest your 2017 profits wisely. Set aside dollars to fund winter projects. Whether you need a better website, an improved employee recruiting program or new equipment, now is the time to allocate dollars and engage vendors. By starting now, you will be certain to be ready for next spring.