Turf Management: Winners Are Planning Now for Spring

Back in the day, we in the professional landscape industry referred to January as “The Off Season.” We talked about down-time and getting some rest to recover from another grueling season. But the industry has changed dramatically and today’s landscape professional looks much different from the guys in the industry 37 years ago.

In today’s industry, January is the most critical month of the year. What you do this month could make or break your entire year in 2023! Not only are you juggling add-on winter services to keep cash flow strong and avoid laying off quality employees, but you have to plan your entire year and finalize your budget.  This is a no easy task. Material prices are a moving target, inflation chips away at your loyal customer base, supply chain issues continue to cause shortages and delays, and many of your competitors are playing by a new set of rules.

The companies that have the best chance of surviving all of this adversity are those companies that plan carefully to improve products and services. Implementing more cost effective, more efficient products and operating practices will lower your costs while delivering better services to your customers. This equates to happy customers, healthier landscapes and happy employees. These are the key elements for expansion.

When we sent a man to the moon and returned him safely to earth, we didn’t just go out and buy rocket parts from the lowest bidder, shoot off the rocket and cross our fingers and hope it would all work out. The bottom line is, “Winners Plan.” It all begins with your Turf Management Plan.

We checked in with John Huber, Central’s Sustainable Products Manager, for a checklist of questions you should be asking yourself to help plan this critical component of your business. Because we all know, in the end, you will be judged on color and appearance of the lawns that you and your company service. So the questions you should be asking yourself this winter are:

  1. How much do I really know about the fertilizers and control products that I apply to my customers lawns every year?
  2. How can I learn about more efficient fertilizers?
  3. Am I prepared for the unpredictable?
  4. How much money will I lose if I’m not prepared for the unpredictable?
  5. How can I save money and improve my services at the same time?
  6. Should I consider changing my current turf program so I can better manage costs and problems?
  7. Where can I go to get dependable information, support and solid recommendations?

The answers to these questions, and more, will all be the same. Partnering with Central Turf & Irrigation Supply is the answer! We are in business to deliver solutions that work for you. Our subject matter experts have walked in your shoes and our entire team is committed to educating our customers about planning, purchasing, and the right product for the job.  To help narrow your search call your local Central Turf & Irrigation Supply branch and ask to speak to a subject matter expert about new, innovative products such as the Hudson Valley Natural programs and Jackpot products. No matter what region or climate zone you operate in, regardless of turf type or the size of your business, we can build you a custom program filled with solutions to help you grow your customer base and increase your earnings.


Call us today to schedule a free HVN program planning consultation with some of the most knowledgeable turf grass and soil science people in the green industry. Be a WINNER by planning today for tomorrow’s success.

About John Huber

John is in his thirty sixth year in the Green Industry. John began his career as a greenhouse grower and spent 15 years guiding his own turf management company in southeastern Virginia using cutting-edge organic based technologies.

For the past 18 years, John has been involved in fertilizer manufacturing, formulation, supply chain and logistics, helping thousands of professional turf companies across the United States grow their business, increase the quality of their services and streamline their programs for optimal efficiency.