Where to Find Employees Now

There’s plenty of work out there. Your success this season will depend on having the right people on your team.

It’s harder than ever to find responsible, capable and motivated employees. Contractors who are not actively working a recruiting plan (as well as a plan to retain existing employees) are likely to be short-handed in the months ahead.

Here are some ideas on how to connect your company with more potential employees:

1) Adopt a continuous recruiting mindset. Like the fast food outlet with the perpetual “help wanted” sign, you must embrace recruiting as an ongoing year-round activity. Include “soft tactics” like signage on your trucks, a page on your website and participation in vocational programs, whether you’re looking to fill a position or not.

2) Beware of stealing employees from others, it is a short-lived fix. It seems like a great idea, but it often isn’t. Here’s why: You typically have to offer a raise or greater work flexibility (less flexible hours, overtime, etc.) to lure an experienced worker. And there’s a good chance once an employee is mobile, he’ll fall for the same thing again.

3) Pay referral bonuses for current employees who refer a new team member. In order for a referral program to be successful, you can’t just ask once and then forget about it. Give the program a name and reinforce it regularly with your team members.

4) Improve your outreach to Hispanic workers. Tuning your recruiting tactics to this special audience can deliver big rewards in productive, happy candidates. Ask your current employees to post flyers in apartment buildings, markets and laundromats in Hispanic neighborhoods. Explore Spanish-language radio or newspaper ads.

5) Explore non-traditional solutions. Consider older or retired candidates to provide “shop” services or inventory replenishment. Engage with veterans organizations. Consider employment agencies or subcontractors.

The bottom line: you can’t put off recruiting efforts now or in the years ahead. Ask your Central representative about local resources and upcoming educational opportunities on recruiting