Work Less to Achieve More

There’s nothing wrong with hard work. For many, hard work has led to great success.

But sometimes, hard work is doing work that doesn’t need to be done.  The key is to work smarter:  work more effectively so that effort generates the best return.

Here are some things to look for:

  • Do things in the correct order.  Experiment to see how changing the order of tasks (or who you assign them to) accelerates your productivity. For example, the most successful irrigation contractors are good at sequencing work on the site by different crew members. Simply re-arranging the order can yield a 15-20% total labor savings.
  • Cut out unnecessary steps. Observe how team members use their time on a job site.  Pay attention to the number of trips back and forth to get materials or tools.  Reduce these “set-up” steps.  Centralize supplies on the job site. Follow the OHIO rule:  only handle it once.
  • Pay extra for productivity products. Sure everyone wants to save a buck. But how much time is extra assembly work costing? Manufacturers have introduced products that have time-saving, labor-reducing methods, often by doing the assembly for you. (Do you really want to be installing nozzles in rotors or LED bulbs in a fixture?)  If you’re not using these time-saver products, you’re missing a potential competitive advantage.  Download our free productivity guide.
  • Doing things correctly the first time. Crew members who try to cut corners inevitably create expensive re-work.  Callbacks to fix what should have been done correctly the first time drain profits and productivity. They also damage a company’s reputation.