bioMD is a complex combination of beneficial microbial strains, viable organic microbial food sources, essential enzymes, biomass activators and natural soil penetrants for hyper-rapid biomass animation.


Every aspect of a plant’s life requires microbial interactions. In nature, millions of different strains of microbes work together to optimize soil and plant health. Hudson Valley Natural’s bioMD is a soluble, microbial soil inoculant that is a proprietary formulation of beneficial microbs derived directly from nature.

Hudson Valley Natural’s proprietary process for drying the microbes into a soluble powder puts the microbes in true suspended animation mode.

bioMD’s wetable powder formulation effectively allows microbes to be 100% viable within seconds of being reanimated with water. This immediate activity significantly improves plant health in all the types of applications: foliar feed, seed inoculation, or plant renovations.


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