Rain Bird Flow Sensor


Flo-Watch™. Flo-Watch constantly monitors for low flow and excess flow conditions caused by broken lines or heads, automatically quarantines and shuts down the problem area, and continues to irrigate non-affected areas. Saves water, saves plant material, and enables irrigation programs to continue and complete.
Learned Flow. The controller automatically learns station flow rates resulting in more accurate flow rates. The automatic collection prevents you from having to manually enter data from drawings, or physically visiting each valve to collect flow data and manually entering the data into a controller.
FloManager®. FloManager determines the optimal station irrigating sequence. The system runs at its fullest capacity until programs are complete. The controller automatically selects and runs multiple valves at the same time within hydraulic parameters, allowing for shorter water windows.
Sensor Features
  • Uses internal ultrasonic transducers and acoustical reflectors to sense flow
  • Designed for outdoor or underground applications (upper electronics are IP 68 / NEMA 4X rated)
  • Glass Filled Nylon body construction for high pressure rating (200 PSI)
  • No straight-pipe requirements – can be placed right next to a valve
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