3 New Years Resolutions For Green Industry Contractors In 2024

Searching for the best ways to improve your business in 2024? This article dives into three key New Years resolutions you can start on January 1st to make this your most profitable year yet. Get ready to dominate your local market with customer information, marketing techniques and expert resources!

1. Utilize Customer Information: Make Data- Driven Decisions For Your Business!

Is your customer data being put into action? Don’t let it go to waste! Dig deeper into their preferences, online reviews, and website activity to understand what resonates with them. This could mean tailoring your services, creating more targeted promotions, or predicting future landscaping trends.

  • Letting customer data go to waste.
  • Sending email blasts through your native email applications.
  • Ignoring customer feedback (especially in Google Reviews).
  • Turning data into decisions. Always collect basic demographic info about your customers and track what services you provide each customer. Use your insights to offer the most popular services and learn to focus on the most profitable customers and projects.
  • Using Mailchimp or Constant Contact to access greater insights into your email marketing. Learn how many of your emails are opened, how often your links are clicked and more!
  • Listen and respond to Google Reviews. The data is clear; online reviews are vital for small business success. Not only can you learn from your customer’s feedback, you can also demonstrate your commitment to improving!
2. Get Proactive: Pursue Customers!

When you go fishing, do fish just start jumping into your boat? Of course not! Not only do you need bait, but it needs to be the right bait in the right place. Marketing to your customers is similar. Make 2024 the year for proactive and effective marketing.

  • Waiting for customers to discover you on their own.
  • Putting marketing at the bottom of your to-do list.
  • Guessing what messages and platforms will boost your business the most.
  • Optimizing your digital presence. Refresh your Google Business, website and social media pages. This will help you become top-of-mind for your customers.
  • Invest in a multi-pronged marketing approach. This can involve digital ad spend, a new referral program, or partnerships with other local businesses to boost visibility.
  • Use the data we discussed in the previous section for the most targeted approach. Are you starting to get more Gen Z customers? Are certain services more popular in a specific neighborhood? Answering questions like these will help you learn how and where to market your business.
3. Become an Industry Expert: Be The Expert Your Customers Trust!

Want to separate yourselves even further from your competitors and become the most trusted green industry business in the area? Take advantage of the vast amount of resources available to you and demonstrate to your customers that you are the most capable business to service their property.

  • Relying on what worked for your business five years ago.
  • Letting customers question your knowledge and ability to fix their problems.
  • Hoping your new employees will learn on the job.
  • Reading up on the latest industry trends and popular services. Central has published many expert articles giving you the knowledge to improve your business. We also host several webinars for individual categories and trending topics.
  • Writing your own articles or blog posts for your website. Short articles explaining common problems and solutions for the typical customer will help establish your reputation as a knowledgeable industry expert.
  • Accessing extensive training resources to get your new hires up to speed in no time. Start here: Training Resources.

Whether it’s marketing support, website audits, or design support, Central is the right partner for your business. Our highly experienced Marketing team has decades of experience to help you identify best-practices and implement initiatives that deliver results. We’re ready to help you grow!