5 Must-Read Lighting Technique Articles From 2023

For those navigating the intricate realm of lighting solutions, success in sales extends beyond the mere act of closing deals—it’s about crafting and delivering lighting solutions that transcend functionality, illuminating spaces and enriching lives. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer in the industry, these top lighting articles from 2023 will help you be the best lighting contractor you can be.

Mastering The Art of Lighting Sales: 5 Essential Steps

For contractors in the lighting industry, successful sales aren’t just about closing deals; they’re about creating and delivering the perfect lighting solutions that illuminate spaces and lives. Whether you’re an experienced contractor or just starting in the business, a structured approach to lighting sales can make all the difference. In this article, we’ll explore the five essential steps to master the art of lighting sales.

How Choosing the Proper MR16 LED Lamps Can Boost Your Business

It’s no secret that creating a functional and fundamentally sound lighting system requires much more than just choosing some lighting fixtures and powering them up. Quantity, fixture placement, and making sure the system is correctly engineered, are all major factors that should be considered when planning out a lighting project. This being said, it seems that the most critical factor needed to create the perfect lighting portrait is also the most overlooked. Selecting the proper LED lamp for the intended application of a lighting fixture can truly take your lighting installations to the next level.

Landscape Lighting: The Importance of Embracing and Understanding New Technology

Some people are great with change, and others take a little more time to warm up to new things. This is never truer than when learning and embracing new technology. Many people fall into the habit of just sticking with what is comfortable and familiar. However, what if you could get ahead and embrace new technologies that have the ability to grow your business and expand your profits?! Well, now you can! Central’s National Lighting Director, Glen Nyhuis, is here to help walk you through what is on the horizon this spring in Outdoor Lighting and how you can incorporate these new technologies into your sales techniques.

4 Fixture Slump Part Three: Advanced Lighting Techniques

Central dives even deeper with Glen into the next level with helpful information on Core Drilling and Best Practices for Second Story Lighting as we continue the question: “Are You Filling Your Canvas?”  

4 Fixture Slump Part Two: Advanced Lighting Techniques

As lighting contractors, we should be considering ourselves as artists and your job sites as the empty canvas. You would not be a successful artist if you only painted half of a picture, or only filled half of the canvas with paint. The area we are going to focus on in this Part Two of the series, is the upper level of a home or building. Lighting the façade of a house or municipal building with “framing” or “washing” techniques is not complete unless you take it a step further and show the customers how you can completely fill the canvas for them! Read more in this article!