5 Ways You Can Reduce Stress and Nagging Hassles This Season

All signs indicate that 2016 will be a fantastic year for landscape and irrigation professionals. There will be plenty of work out there from both new construction and landscape upgrades.

Now is a great time to get organized for the season ahead so you’re not strained by unnecessary hassles that will get in the way of your ability to take advantage of the opportunities.

Have a Plan for Productivity. Streamline your daily processes to reduce waiting time and wasted time. Take the time to train your team now so they know what to do each day. Implement new procedures now to take out bottlenecks and correct for bad habits. Cut out unnecessary paperwork where possible.

Strengthen Supplier Relationships. Having a trusted partnership with your key suppliers can help you significantly when the heat is on. Meet with your Central representative before the season starts to review the products you plan to use this season so he is aware of your preferences. Also discuss your goals so he can suggest valuable resources that can help you achieve your vision.

Have a Proactive People Plan. In a stronger market, employees are increasingly more mobile. Be sure you’re working to keep your best team members happy and challenged. Remember most employees leave because they don’t feel listened to or a part of decision-making. Provide feedback and maintain open channels of communication.

Eliminate Unexpected Jobsite Downtime. Review your equipment and perform preventative maintenance now to reduce jobsite breakdowns. Carry a supply of common repair parts on your vehicles so you can immediately replace equipment belts and other wear items. Replace worn tools to prevent worker downtime.

Develop Team Members Who Can Think for Themselves. If you want team members to take initiative, they need to learn to make small decisions without supervision. That means less emphasis on controlling and more on coaching. When giving instructions, ask your team member to repeat the details back to you so you know he/she understands the challenge. Ask “how would you do this?” instead of saying “here’s what I want you to do”. It’s a small change that can engage their mind toward your goal.