Service Contractors Enjoy Added Profits by Applying Deer Repellents

Are your customers irritated by deer munching on their shrubs and newly-planted flowers?

Growing populations of deer in suburban areas are creating a new opportunity for savvy contractors to protect their clients’ plants from being trampled and eaten.

Deer resistant plants? Not a solution, say experts. Deer adapt and keep eating. The best solution is application of professional deer repellents.

“When we notice our customer might be experiencing problems with deer, we offer to apply Deer Scram repellent during our irrigation service visit” said Chris Braun, President of Quality Sprinklers and Lighting. “Our techs keep a bucket on their trucks and offer to apply the repellent in the flower and shrub beds.”

Treatment adds an additional cost to the client’s invoice, but that’s a small expense compared to the cost of damaged and disfigured plantings. By adding on the repellent as part of a regular service visit, the client gets their problem solved without need of calling the contractor back or asking for a solution at their local garden center.

A 25 gallon pail of professional-grade Deer Scram is good for applications at several houses. “If you want to sell repellents, you need to have it on the truck at the site when you spot the problem” adds Braun. “It’s another way we can do a great job for our clients.”

Editors Note: Deer Scram is on sale at all Central locations in May.