A Look Back: Top Irrigation Resources + Articles from 2019

With 2020 just around the corner, it’s a great opportunity to take a look back at the best irrigation resources and articles of 2019. If these resources are new to you or you missed the articles during the recent season, now is the perfect time to review them and prepare for 2020!

We’ve connected with our irrigation experts, Shane Kries (Irrigation Specification Manager) and Doug Armour (Commercial Irrigation Manager) to see what online resources they rely on to make sure they are up-to-date on the newest in the industry:

Hunter University 
Is a free online education system offers in-depth courses for irrigation professionals on Hunter Industries irrigation products and installation procedures. With six different learning paths from technician and specialist to designer and expert, there is sure to be an opportunity to increase your knowledge and advance your professional development.

Manufacturers Websites
Manufacturer websites are an excellent resource for product information, specifications, documentation, installation details, CAD installation info, and troubleshooting tips. Beyond product information, many of these sites have access training, videos, rewards programs, support, and more.

Use Logos for each of them:

American Society of Irrigation Consultants
ASIC is an organization of professionals within the irrigation industry. Their focus is to provide a forum wherein irrigation design professionals can meet to exchange information and advance skills and techniques in irrigation design, installation and product application.

Irrigation Association
The Irrigation Association is the leading membership organization for irrigation equipment and system manufacturers, dealers, distributors, designers, consultants, contractors and end users. The IA is dedicated to promoting efficient irrigation technologies, products and services. The association serves its members and the irrigation industry by:

  • Educating the public on sound practices and water management.
  • Serving as a centralized clearinghouse for research and innovation.
  • Improving industry proficiency through continuing education.
  • Recognizing and promoting experience and excellence with professional certification.
  • Lending expertise to water-use public policy at the local, state, regional and national levels.

Each month in our newsletter, we provide you with the newest industry trends and insights that can help you tackle the unique challenges of managing your business. Take a look at the most popular irrigation articles of 2019:

Spring Irrigation Start Up: Troubleshooting with a Multimeter
Troubleshooting can be frustrating and take valuable time away from other jobs. If the system is through a manufacturer you are unfamiliar with sourcing the resources you need quickly can feel impossible.

That’s why we’ve asked Doug Armour, Central’s Commercial Irrigation Technical Manager, to share his insight on what to do when an irrigation system is not working properly.

Ask the Expert: 5 Resources for 2-Wire Troubleshooting
Doug Armour has collected documentation from manufacturers and other places to create sort of my own resource library. These documents have been extremely helpful when troubleshooting various brands of two-wire systems, and he references them when needed. Check out these five insightful resources.

Easier & Faster 2-Wire Troubleshooting with As-Built Drawings
This year in particular, has been a rough year and our two-wire experts have been in the field helping to troubleshoot and solve issues for our customers. We thought this was a perfect opportunity to share some of hands-on-experience and recommendations to make two-wire troubleshooting easier and faster.

Ask the Expert: 9 Things to Know about Irrigation Design
We know that large projects require greater coordination of materials and service. Budgets and timelines can be tight, and there are always different requirements and regulations to overcome. An irrigation design can make or break winning a project. We understand this can be a challenge. That’s why we offer design services. We want to help you secure jobs of all sizes, even if they require certified water-efficient irrigation designs.

3 Tips for Effective Bidding & Estimating
No matter your approach, there are three things that you need to consider to make sure your estimates are on track: Materials, Labor, and Profit.

Finally, rely on Central to help, whether it’s questions about troubleshooting or installation, showing you how to use specific equipment, or sharing insight and recommendations on the newest technologies. We stay at the leading edge of the industry and we’re ready to help you grow!